Monday, November 07, 2005

Videocast #001!

Hi there everyone, Seth here. After a weekend of figuring out how to make it work, I've finally been able to create our first videocast. This is part one of the making of our new short movie. I can only put it up for download here because while I figured out how to make the file work in itunes, I still can't get it to play on Nate's video ipod. I'll make it work soon. Anyway this episode is just a teaser really. I took up alot of running time explaining what it is. Anyway, the next one will document our first day of shooting last June, and it has some awesome footage of our bloody cowboy. It should be out sometime this week.

P.S. This weekend I was interested to learn that former SeaQuest heart-throb Jonathon Brandis not only killed himself, but did so about two blocks from my house. The 2 year anniversary of the deed is coming up November 12th so we'll have to go over there. I didn't like him as an actor cause he always seemed kinda cocky. Dude was 27.

Video 001: "Untitled Western: Preparation"
HMNB-VID001.m4v [25.0mb (05:51)]

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