Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Updated Videocast #001

I'm still working out the bugs with this videocasting thing. I do believe the previous link to the mp4 file will work fine with iTunes 6 but I don't like that viewing is restricted to iTunes so I've put up this new windows media version. Feel free to contact me if there's anymore problems.

BTW, the next podcast is going to be delayed yet again because I heard that interpol cracked down on Adam Curry for playing copyrighted music all over his podcast. I don't want me and nate to eat a 150,000 dollar fine so we're going to rejigger the podcast accordingly. I don't use alot of major label music as a rule, but we just did something about Depeche Mode that unfortunately has to find another home. Hopefully these videocasts will tide you over (like you care). Here:

Video 001: "Untitled Western: Preparation"
HMNB-VID001.wmv [11.0mb (05:51)]

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