Thursday, September 29, 2005

002 Show Notes

Well so much to talk about! In Episode Two we detail Seth's troubles with the FBI, our recent Dead Can Dance show at the Hollywood Bowl and our overall appreciation of Goth music as a genre. This episode is also notable for the fact that Seth and I were both sick as dogs during the duration of recording and coughing it up every 30 seconds. Nevertheless, we persevered and we hope you think it a worthy collection of musings this week.

We again want to mention how fun and worthwhile it has been for us to be able to have this outlet to talk about music and movies that really aren’t discussed in length (or at all) anymore. We hope to share our collected favorites with you and also hear about yours as well! So now, let me delve into what was discussed in our sophomoric episode, so that I may pepper it with additional information, visual stimuli and further diversions.

Seth and Nathan’s Night with Dead Can Dance – September 22 2005 – Hollywood Bowl. Los Angeles, Ca

Seth and I had an incredible (dare I say, spiritual) experience at the DCD concert. Even 10 years after breaking up, Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry didn’t disappoint. The two things that spring to my mind? Brendan Perry is now either shaven or lost all his hair and is bald, which was a bit shocking. He looked more like a biker badass then the sensitive sinatra-esque frontman we all remember. Also of mention is how attractive Lisa Gerrard was in person. She has always been a special human being (with pipes like that, "unique" is an understatement) but her prescence was luminous. You rarely get to witness a live vocalist with such octave range and overall control. Incredible what she can do... After the concert was finished we found out they were recording the whole show onto disc and then will be releasing each concert of their tour as an official live release CD. What an idea and it probably could only work with DCD, because they were flawless live. Order them here: Dead Can Dance Discs. Seth and I shared a bottle of red wine and lit up our cell phones between their two encores. Needless to say we were elated to see them, because they may never tour again. For Seth it was the culmination of many things, he's been a fan of DCD since he was 17 and has since put their whole discography on his ipod. For the record, the first album is really worth tracking down.

In the Information section of our podcast we discussed Seth’s unbelievable voter fraud scandal, which has thrown a monkey wrench into his life. On the other hand, we got all crazy for the new Depeche Mode single “Precious”. We are loving the new track, as it is reminiscent of previous, excellent work by Mode. The new Album “Playing the Angel” will be released on October 18th, with a world tour to follow in November. Seth and I are planning a special all Depeche Mode HMNB episode to coincide with the new album’s release. Go to: for further info. Subscribe to the DM receiver to get all the new updates and download the new video for “Precious”.

Seth also mentioned his enthusiasm for a new Skinny Puppy live DVD, which was released on September 27th. For Skinny Puppy novices Seth recommends either their album “Bites” or "Last Rights". I agree that “Bites” is one of the best from their catalog. To order the DVD go here: Skinny Puppy – The Greater Wrong of the Right.

OH MY GOTH! the music is not dead, it’s undead.

Well I exposed my Goth History to all of you this week. I feel proud of my musical roots, because they formed what I am into today. I wanted to start by linking some of the record labels websites we discussed. Seth and I both agree that 4AD headed by Ivo Watts Russel was a particular label that spawned many an artist of interest. If you haven't delved into The Cocteau Twins, Red House Painters, Pixies, or His Name Is Alive, you just haven't lived a good life. These are seminal indie bands and have contributed so much to the dna of current music that its a shame their influences isn't mentioned more. To a lesser degree I became interested in the Darkwave/Ambient Chicago based label Projekt headed by Sam Rosenthal (the creative force behind Black Tape For A Blue Girl.) I have however fallen out of interest with all those artists but still have a fondness for them as a self reliant independent label. who seem to be going strong. They also have a podcast available to subscribe to in the Itunes Music Store. To wrap up, I will briefly link you to the Cleopatra Label, which I only link to here for the ridiculous Modern Goth music updates.

Well, all that brings us to a list Seth and I devised called: The Top Seven Goth Albums We Still Listen To.

Here is the list with some additional links. Click on the Artists name and title and you can view the album's cover art.

7. Clan Of Xymox – Medusa

Official Site You have to weed through alot of Shitty Goth to get to the really good era of COX. I recommend the "Past" link off the main page.

6. Dead Can Dance – Into The Labyrinth

Official Site

5. This Mortal Coil – It’ll End In Tears

Official Site - Here is a page of some selected information about TMC, further research can be found at the 4ad official site linked above.

4. Cocteau Twins –Blue Bell Knoll

The very beautiful Official Site is where you can download some scary ass pictures of Liz Frazer, Seth and I are both repelled and attracted to her (those eyes!). This site has a very thorough History archive, everything you ever wanted to know about the twins.

3. Joy Division – Closer

Joy Division Central

New Order/ Joy Division Info

2. Depeche Mode – Violator

Official Site.

1. Cure - Pornography

Official Site - This official site will allow you to get a nice overview of their discography. There are also a few really good fan made websites that are well worth a visit.

Seth recounts his horrible encounter with a broken brain that closely resembled the on again off again Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader. This awkward conversation turned ugly when the man shared his story of seeing Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver, Stargate) buck naked in a gym locker room. The inappropriate exchange further intensified when the man asked Seth if he was related to actor Rob Lowe (West Wing, Bad Influence). Very awful meeting at the Starbucks on Hollywood and Western Ave in Hollywood.

View The Map -Avoid it!

Top Nine Movie Character’s Bedrooms.

Refer to the images linked below for some visual aids

9. Hugh Grant’s in About a Boy

8. Jonathan Pryce’s in Brazil

7. Paul Reuben’s in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

6. Al Pacino’s in Scarface

5. John Turturro’s in Barton Fink

4. Harrison Ford’s in Blade Runner*

3. Tom Hank’s in Big

2. Malcolm McDowell’s in A Clockwork Orange**

1. Matthew Broderick’s in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

  • * Ennis Brown House, Bradbury Building are featured in BR, however most of Rick Deckard’s actual apartment was a set piece. These two locations are here in Los Angeles and very fascinating to walk through atleast once. Very near the Bradbury Building is the Second Street tunnel which was also featured in Blade Runner and Terminator, along with a myriad of other films.
  • ** Alex’s Bedroom, view two

Additional notes: if you are suffering from a serious cough, use Ricola’s cough drops. They were audible during this episode, and seemed to soothe even wildest of aflictions.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Episode 001

Hello to all the People In The Dark! I am listening to our first ever Podcast as I write this, so exciting. We want to hear from you and we'd love any comments your willing to jab down. If you like anything, if you hate anything. Tell us, we are on the other line here.

Episode 001: "You Will Kneel"
HMNB001.mp3 [19.9mb (43:28) 64kps]

Please leave a small Comment. If you like.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

001 Show Notes.

To the left here is the very first Image of The Brothers. I am in the foreground, while Seth takes up the rear. We are both extremely good looking. Otherwise we wouldn't have moved to Los Angeles, where the great unspoken question is "you ever heard of eugenics?". More to come guys, and if you want us in any positions, any costumes, we will do it. Comment.

HMNB001 Episode Guide with Visual Aids:

The 40 Year Old Virgin is accidently discussed at length in this episode. It has the best one sheet poster design to come out in awhile(possibly this year, if you discount the new poster for DOOM, which is shitty but appropriate).

Next up, General Zod, who has a following in Geekdom, I had no idea. He has an official website that offers "Kneel Before Zod!" bumper stickers along with other assorted merchandise,very fun. To the left is a mug shot of this awesome looking man.

- Hot links:
Link 1.
Link 2.

The √úbermensch gave up his Powers (and possibly his virginity) for...

.... holy shit what happened?!

- Review of Superman 2
80's Rewind Superman 2 Profile

Bill Murray, the bulldog of sad bastard actors.

In the first Episode, I recount my horrible Victimatron moment at the Sunset and Vine intersection in Hollywood. Where a stolen vehicle bust, turned ugly.

Here is the Map. Avoid it!

Things you Fear...

Plane Crash
Ball Cancer
Old Asian Women
4. Grizzly Bears
Restricted Phone Calls
Alien Abduction
Moray Eels
All the Clerks at the DMV
Oversized Kites

Send all inquiries to

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