Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Festival download: 2010 NW Projections

Update from NW Projections 2010

Producer Jason Hagen and Executive Producer Jason McCue were able to attend the 2010 NW Projections Film Festival's second day April 18th. They attended the Narrative shorts program at noon and were very impressed with the screening of BLACK. Both picture and sound were fantastic. The screening room held about 50-60 people at capacity, and about 15-20 people attended the program. Not a bad turn out overall. Prior to the screening, the Jasons were greeted by an old friend Elijah Tiegs who used to live in Los Angeles with Jason Hagen. Elijah was the production designer of The Merciful Death of Jonas Blake and now resides in the Seattle area.

All of the work that was screened was from WA or the surrounding Pacific Northwest. BLACK was filmed in Oregon, and thus qualified. One of the works that really stood out in the program was by Scott Ballard titled Last Night, Long Ago, a narrative about a elderly woman having to come to the decision to save or let go certain memories. Very well made.

Overall we look forward to attending another NW Projections and hope to screen there in the future. Festival Director Wilson Large is doing great things with the festival; showing unseen cinema and bringing industry professionals to the small town of Bellingham to discuss the industry and their particular professions.

We hope to see you all at another NW Projections!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Take 5

Hi all,

Just wanted to share with you that an image from BLACK has been featured on the front cover of the Bellingham Herald's weekend insert Take 5. If you're in Bellingham, please pick up an issue to read a full feature about the 2010 NW Projections Film Festival this weekend, April 16-18th.

Again, BLACK will screen April 17th, 4:30pm and April 18th at 12 noon, at the Pickford Film Center. Hope to see you there!

Seth attends 2010 WIFF

Seth Anderson is attending the 2010 Wisconsin Film Festival this week/end, and upon arriving to our Thursday night screening of BLACK, 9:30p, at the Monona Terrace, he was greeted with a wonderful filmmakers package! First reports from Seth say that the programs leading up to the Wisconsin's Own program were at capacity levels!

Thank you all for coming out to support film this weekend! Stay tuned for a formal follow up from Seth and Jason Hagen, who is attending the 2010 NW Projections Film Festival this weekend in Bellingham, WA.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Film Festival Weekend!

Hi all,

Just a friendly reminder to all of you that both Seth and Jason will be hitting film festivals this weekend, each attending screenings of Lullskull Ltd.'s short film BLACK.

Co-Writer/Director Seth Anderson will be attending the 2010 Wisconsin Film Festival, where BLACK will screen on April 15th, 9:30p, at the Monona Terrace. If you think you are going to be able to attend, we have a limited number of tickets that we can offer to the screening. Please email us HERE to notify us and we'll do all we can to reserve you a ticket.

For 2010 Wisconsin Film Festival/Venue information, please visit HERE.

Producer Jason Hagen, with Executive Producer Jason McCue will be attending the 2010 NW Projections Film Festival, where BLACK will screen on April 17th and 18th at the Pickford Film Center, Bellingham, WA. Unfortunately there are no free tickets offered. However, entry fees are very low, and all $$ go to the wonderful Pickford Film Center so they can keep bringing great cinema to the community.

For 2010 NW Projections Film Festival/Venue information, please visit HERE.

From Lullskull Ltd., we look forward to meeting all of you, and thank you again for your support of independent film!