Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Forecast.

I thought it a good time to sit down and write a little blog here. The first bit of news is we have finished the principle photography on our next short “Black”. We shot over six days in Bandon, Oregon and as we expected the landscape and the locales we rented (and lived as a film boot camp) added so much to the project. We were blessed with a cast of wondrously talented and inventive people. The cast members (culled form both Los Angeles,Ca and Portland, Oregon) came together with such enthusiasm for the material that we all became collaborators in this intricate story. We will soon have a video documentary that will be available here via downloadable episodes. These episodes will detail every step of the way, from our previous trip to Oregon while location scouting, selected artwork I created for the film and all the way through to the final stress filled days. Keep an eye and ear out for them.

Before I complete this blog I wanted to draw your attention to some behind the scenes images we have posted here:
http://www.lullskull.com. I hope you enjoy.

Thanks to all who helped us during the process of making this film and thanks for keeping up with us. We appreciate it.

Miracle Mile, Ca