Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Show Notes 008

I just want to mention my frustration with Blogger. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that it can shave hours off your day like a French butcher to the meat swindle. Every time I plan to make my Super Show Notes, the server seems to be taking a sh*t. Okay, moving beyond frustration, over the clouds and into acceptance. Okay, I can write you now.

Hey, How are ya? Nathan here. Giving you a recap of our eighth episode: Edged Out.

This Episode covers the breaking news of the best movies of 2005. We know you all want to know our picks. Also our new movie feature: Movies You Should Never See, In which we review (in detail) The Edge 1997. Directed by Lee Tamahori. How fun.

A brief sideline in the movie news of the moment. Jason Hagen, HMNB’s mutual friend and caretaker of small animals. Jason has taken it on himself to bring back the Mustache. We have been vaguely following his progress, from stubble to full on Magnum. Here are some Visual Aids.

Best Movies of 2005

Seth’s List

5. Capote

4. Last Days

3. Good Night and Good Luck

2. Grizzly Man

1. The New World

Nathan’s List:

5. Pride And Prejudice

4.Cache (Hidden)

3. The New World

2. March Of The Penguins

1. Grizzly Man

Music used in this Episode:
Knife - Neverland
Wolf Parade – Fancy Claps