Sunday, November 30, 2008

Official "Black" Poster design.

Here is the final poster design for our new short film "Black" We will be plastering this thing all over the festival circuit to build the mystery.


Podcast Solutions Feature

Seth and I were featured in the book Podcast Solutions written by our friend and frequent collaborater Dan Klass along with Michael Geoghegan. We were featured using the "Fig Rig" created by Filmmaker Mike Figgis. We used that piece of equipment during "Guttenbitch" when we were filming a tracking shot of Tim Coyne on his scooter.

Purchase the book Here
View Guttenbitch!

Post Halloween and Updates

Hey There,

I hope all of you are getting our emails and updates on the new 40 minute short film "Black" We have been spreading the net wide on this one with film festival submissions. We are currently in the purgatory of waiting to hear back. We have expanded our promotional platforms to Facebook and Myspace where "Black" have their own pages.

You can check them out:
Black Short Film Facebook
Black Short Film Myspace

I'm sure anyone who knows us has already checked those pages feverishly and exhausted the downloads there. We have both a trailer and a scene from "Black" so check that out on either of the links above, or at YOUTUBE.COM.

We would love to hear your thoughts about "Black" or your harsh criticisms as well. We will embrace you as a brother no matter what the outcome.

I wanted to include some photos because that is all you guys look at anyway.

First up some photos from the Halloween tour Seth and I went on. We took some pictures of some of the filming locations used in the 1978 movie directed by John Carpenter. I included some stills from the movie, so you have some kind of reference points. Strangely enough, most of the locations for the film were shot in South Pasadena, Ca doubling for the fictional Haddonfield, Illinois.

The image above is the killer Michael Myer's boyhood home where the infamous opening scene was shot. The image to the right is the house as it stands now in South Pasadena, Ca.
It has a clownish new paint job and the entire house was moved down to the end of the block. Below is a picture of me by the house, doing my best Mike Myers 100 yard stare.

Seth and I also went over to the two main houses in the film, where all the mayhem took place. West Hollywood is the home of these two stately homes that capture that midwest feeling. If you ever go to these locations yourself you will feel transported to Illinois! Los Angeles really has it all in terms of different atmospheres and locales.

(above top) The image of the house that Jamie Lee Curtis's character Laurie babysat and then (above bottom) how it is today. Beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood that has horror geeks visiting it daily. awesomely annoying!

(bottom photos) Laurie's friend Annie's house from the film and then how it is today.

The first photo of Annie's house has Michael Myers walking up the steps carrying her dead body and the second photo has an American flag in place of Michael. How nice! Note that this house has changed the most but the porch is a dead giveaway.

(bottom photos) We also tried to recreate the scene in which Michael Myers is seen behind a hedge and scares the daylights out of Laurie. He then escapes out of sight. Here is the scene in the movie and the recreation. How creative!

So we wasted a Saturday and did this and it was surprisingly fun. When you get to the location it really transports you in a way. Sorry it wasn't right on Halloween but heh everyday is Halloween!

Love, Peace and Michael Myers!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scene from Black

Here's an uncut scene from "Black" that we've been putting out there. It gives a pretty good indication of the tone of the movie. We welcome your thoughts and/or criticisms! We also have fan pages set up for the movie on Myspace and Facebook. See you there!