Monday, April 17, 2006

Bouncing Rubber Ball

Hey out there in the dark, just some announcements from the low level hills of Miracle Mile, Ca.

First off, The premiere of "The Merciful Death of Jonas Blake" was a huge success! We had a awesome turnout and an electric amount of fun. The M Bar turned out to be a wonderful place to show this thing, just the size and the style. We were showcased with a few other films from the local LA talent pool and they had some wonderful ideas overall. Good and Bad, like always. The bang of the night was the promotional buttons that Lullskull LTD. made for the screening, A set of eight designs that represented key moments in the film. The button featuring Jonas Blake's gun, was by far the most popular. We will be dispensing these free buttons at all of our future screenings, so please come and get a button while they last. Refer to this page for info about future presentations of "The Merciful Death of Jonas Blake".

Again, a strong hardy Thank You! for all who came out on Thursday, it was a nice way to start it off.

HEAR ME NOW BROTHER! We will be sliding back into a decent routine now and have developed a system to release our episodes more frequently. I hope you will stay subscribed and return to listen to our frank discourse about the movies: "Sleeping With The Enemy" and "Arachnophobia" and also some special guests! This beast lives!

So keep podcasting and we will share soon.

Monday, April 03, 2006

"The Merciful Death Of Jonas Blake" Premiere

We will be having the premiere of our new short film on April 13th in Los Angeles. Below is the official notice and I hope to see you all there.

Look out for the new HMNB soon, it is on the way! Thanks guys for the support!