Monday, January 14, 2008

"Black" Trailer up on

Hey guys we are off and running making a movie here. Lullskull Ltd. is going to have a interesting new year this year, As we stop to honor 2007 and move sub-sonically into 2008 we can only drift and ponder life for a few moments. I think each human being has some kind of fabulous change/wish/resolution that seems to spark inside the mind around this time. For myself, I think I will ease into 2008 like a warm bath. I will enjoy, soothe and relax.

I wanted to send off a Blog to all the people that have being following our fandangos. We have gotten super supportive emails and some actual excitement for our next project in particular.

We are excited to have a new trailer for our short B l a c k

This is the first look at what we were trying to do in Oregon. We assure you the full length short will be out in not long at all. We have all agreed that shooting this last one on video has been such a pleasure because of the awesome turn around time to.Post –Production. It has been going fairly well on that front.

So I hope to hear your feedback and we will keep you updated as we go here.

Thanks again to everyone! You’re the best of the best.


UPDATE: In case you are interested we also have the first part of a series of making of documentaries for the new film. Nate is currently working on the second part right now and it should be up in a few days. For now, check this out: