Tuesday, November 01, 2005

update on where we're at

Hi there everyone, this is Seth. I have no real idea of how many people are listening to our show but we have a few plans and I'd like to discuss them briefly. Over the past week, we had a great birthday celebration for Nate's 25th, and I got him a new iPod (with video). It's an amazing gadget, and while it seems like a tentative step by apple into the whole video thing, I for one am EXCITED by the possibilities.

With that said, I think I'd like to start videocasting (or whatever it's called) ASAP. In future episodes I'm going to begin posting short video documentaries of the making of our short film. Unfortunately, I didn't document every detail up until the day of shooting, so the first "making-of" documentary will showcase how we built sets, did make-up, worked with actors on set and other fun little tidbits. In the future I'd like to document every step we take in our productions so you can see just how cheap we work. Ultimately one major goal with the podcast has been to show people in our boat how we make movies on little money. It's all about the dream man!

Right now we're deep in the final stages of shooting our short, so consequently the podcast has suffered. We try to keep up a bi-weekly schedule but we have alot of creative plates spinning.

Over the weekend we will be recording a double-shot. One will be our first all-artist podcast entitled Hear Me!: Depeche Mode. It will stand outside of the continuity of our main episodes and periodically I think it would be nice to do this for other musicians, filmmakers and artists that have inspired us. Episode 004 of Hear Me Now Brother will be about the completion of our short and I think we'll have a guest. As I said earlier, a real goal has been to talk about the nuts and bolts of guerilla filmmaking, and with this next episode, we aim to deliver. By the by, the picture I included on this post showcases me and Nate whilst in search of props last summer. We were in the middle-eastern section when this pic was taken. Yeah.

Finally I want to make mention that me and Nate will be at the upcoming Portable Media Expo taking place in Ontario California in two weeks. We have a little booth time secured so come on over the the LA Podcasters booth. We'd love to meet you all and have a chat. I'm actually looking forward to meeting and seeing many of my favorite podcasters. Eric over at the LA Podcasters has helped a great deal with a press release for the event we're taking part in:

LOS ANGELES – Oct. 19, 2005) The LA Podcasters, a network of Los Angeles-based podcast producers whose shows are as spread out in subject-matter as the region’s freeway infrastructre, will host their first annual Podcast Freeway Series featuring an eclectic line-up of popular podcasts produced and distributed by the group’s members. The Freeway Series will be recorded live at Podcast Expo in Ontario, Calif. on Nov. 10 and 11. Full text of Press Release here.

So come visit us. Its free to come to the expo if you register online and it will be an event that I think alot of people will remember as something seminal in the world of podcasting. That's all I have for you today. The wheels are spinning and some traction is being made, however minimal.

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