Saturday, October 13, 2007

Some pictorial goings on.

Hey there. Below I posted some images of the past year that I thought i'd blog over the lines to ya here. My notes are included as well. Hope all are well. -n

A scale model of John Rambo from First Blood caught my eye at this past years Comic Con International in San Diego. I love the sculpted hair.

These two lovely ladies caught my eye as well at the Con, but only for the reason that I might never see anyone else wear these costumes of Rachel and Zora from the movie Blade Runner. I'm pretty sure these girls were paid to dress up, as they were promoting the rerelease of the film at the Con pretty hamfistedly.

I thought this picture would be fun to include because it shows you exactly how tight our 15 plus hour van ride to Oregon was. We see Kathy (our adorable PA) with a small cut on her leg in the foreground. The cut was probaly from climbing in and out of the van. We have Robert and Seriina on either side flanking me and Jason in the front seats. Looks like we are in a moment of shuffling all the shit around in the van so someone can have the trade off of extra foot room. What a ride.

We also had a stow away... Our wonderful full body dummy "Chud" but I would never call him a dummy to his face, he was a killer with the ladies. This photo is of our last day and wonderful packing job we did.

I'll end the Oregon photos with this shot of Kathy. She made the most wonderful Avocado salads for us during production. Here is her working her particular magic on said avocado.

So towards the more restful times of September we celebrated Jason's Birthday. He was in high spirits! even though we blindfolded him and took him to a strange place (or so he thought) We later uncovered his eyes to the New Beverly movie theatre as the opening credits of The Karate Kid played to a full house. This may be the first time Jay will see this photo of himself with Seth and I and the friendly ticket booth lady (Notice her T-shirt)

Happy Birthday Jason!