Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blue Ambulance Comic Book Event

Hey Guys,

Since early this year, Nathan has been quietly slaving away on a new art project that has pushed the limits of his creative ability to a new level. Now he's pleased to announce that the self-published 1st issue of Blue Ambulance has been made available via Etsy. This limited run of 50 copies was put on sale April 14th for a short period of time, but more copies will be made available if demand warrants it. Nathan has pulled out all the stops with this puppy so make sure you are one of the first to get it on the ground floor!

Te following is a short description of what you'll find within the pages:

The first issue of an ongoing comic book series by Writer/Artist Nathan Anderson. Blue Ambulance is a mysterious tale with a shifting dreamlike narrative. Each of the books follow two main characters as they encounter each other in sometimes humorous and violent ways.
To learn more about how you can get a copy, please go to Nate's Etsy page here:

Finally, a word from Nathan on this project:

Hey There,

I just made available my self-published comic book on It's a series called "Blue Ambulance" and I've been slaving over this thing for months but now it's ready for sale at $4.00 a copy.

I'm selling it through in a hope to make enough so that I can make more. If you know me you know I love being creative and in honor of my first true passion for art I wanted to write and draw my very own comic book.
I hope you will support my genuine attempt to share my artwork and creativity with you. I haven't made my work very available up until now so I wanted to make something special and worthwhile. I hope you like weird fantasy stories and will join me on this adventure.

I have only created a limited run of 50 copies for book one, Plus I randomly selected 10 books that I have hand colored. I will be dishing those out on a first come first serve basis for no extra charge.

Love you all and thanks for checking this out!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Jonas Blake to Screen at 1st Annual Small Town Film Festival, NY

Hi all,

Lullskull Ltd. is very proud to announce that it's 2006 debut short film The Merciful Death of Jonas Blake will screen at the 1st Annual Small Town Film Festival, Armonk, NY, May 6th-7th, 2011.

We are very excited to share this film with Armonk audiences!


When: May 6th, Program begins at 6pm.

Where: Whippoorwill Hall, 19 Whippoorwill Road East, Armonk, NY

Schedule and tickets here:

More information, please visit: &

Hope to see you there!

-Lullskull Ltd.