Thursday, March 20, 2008

Several Shades of Black, Part II

We recently released a new short video on the making of the movie. This is the last one that will cover our trip last summer to Oregon to survey what we had available to us for shooting. Here's a youtube link on that end:

I look back on that period fondly now that it all worked out. However I remember at the time wondering how we would pull everything off. Fittingly, we were expanding the scope with this project and seeing how we'd hold up. The good thing about working continually over the last 3 years is that it has built up a certain emotional stamina that pushes you through. I knew we'd do it, because we'd run this marathon before and this time it was just a matter of adding more miles and maybe a few new hills. Whatever. There's always fear in the back of the head.

Fear is the devil.

Anyhow. I'm working through a finer cut of the movie this week. Patience is a word I repeat often. I'm excited to make this happen but I don't want to get ahead of it and lose the purpose of the whole damn thing. This is an easy trap to fall into I would think. Talk to you soon.

- Seth
(as excerpted from recently recovered dream journal facsimiles)