Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Official Version of "Low Light" Music Video by AT SEA Released

Hi all,

Lullskull Ltd. is proud to announce that the Official Version of the music video for "Low Light", performed by NYC band AT SEA has been release across the Web!

Lullskull Ltd. co-produced this 50's-era Cold War themed music video with AT SEA's label Soap Media. The video was shot in January 2010 on location at the St. Cecilia's Church/Convent in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY.

The video can be viewed on Youtube HERE

and Vimeo HERE

For more information, please visit the official AT SEA website at

Thank you again for all cast/crew/promotional support! We sincerely hope you enjoy the video and promise that there will be more!

Lullskull Ltd.