Wednesday, November 23, 2005

004 Show Notes

Hey! We are alive and well and living in Los Angeles! A big fat digital hug to all the people in the dark that we may never meet. Let's get down to the details of how the hell we survived the last few weeks.

In this episode we discuss our recent memories of the Portable Media Expo held in Ontario, California. We had alot of fun and took some deliberately posed photos with some of the LA Podcasters. Here is a brief visual indication of what it all looked liked there in Ontario:

The top two images of us were taken while we were podcasting live at the Expo. The live recording will be up on the blog very soon, so look forward to our mistake-ridden audio. Love it or leave it man. The bottom left image is of the Anderson bros. with their long lost brother Lance. Which is a clever way of saying it's picture of us with Lance Anderson from The Verge Of The Fringe. To the bottom left you can see us with Dan Klass of The Bitterest Pill.

Dan is a real klass act. That's right, I actually just wrote that.

With the release of Episode 004, Hear Me Now Brother welcomes its first guest to the Santa Monica studio. Our dear friend and frequent collaborator Jason Hagen was gracious enough to sit down and have fellowship with us, and we hope he visits the andersod cabin again sometime (but not too soon, there's social rules). We didn't pimp his website on the show, and he isn't much for self-promotion so here's a link to his website. Below is a picture of Jason living it up with one of our cheap mics:

Jason is another drifter (with a knife) from the midwest and he is now experiencing great success here in Los Angeles. He's working 90+ hours a week as a fulltime employee at NBC studios, if you define "success" in such a context. In the show we talk rapidly about how we all know each other and what it's like living life as a perpetual greenhorn. We also talk with Jason about the conception of our film, the obstacles we encountered along the way, and what his overall view is of our our whole tinker toy movie production.

Oh Hey, here's some selected images from the last shooting day of "Untitled Western":

Stayed tuned after film discussion for an intense interview conducted by Nathan, in a new feature we call THE HOT SEAT.

Without going into too much detail, Jason's shares that his favorite mammal is a bengal tiger, his favorite sexual curse word is fuck, and much, much more. Jason is a great interview and I'm sure he'll be thinking about what he said on tape for a long time to come. The hot seat haunts even the most incorruptible of men. The excitement of having a guest on our show is still palpable even as this is written! From time to time we hope to conduct other interviews with filmmakers, artists and musicians that we admire.

A note on the music featured in this episode (in order of appearance).

- Wolf Parade
: "Modern World" from the album "Apologies To The Queen Mary". [iTunes link]
- Tom Vek
: "
I Ain't Saying my Goodbyes" from the album "We Have Sound". [iTunes link]
- Brother And Sister
: "
b e s t s i s t e r e v e r". Info at
- Labradford
: With John Morand And Assisted by Brian Hoffa from the album "E Luxo So"
[iTunes link]

Thank you to Kranky Records for your ongoing assistance.

Small Print Music Disclaimer:
All music was used with the consent of either the artist or label involved. Artists are chosen firstly because they are awesome, secondly because they aren't associated with the RIAA (cause they're sort of evil) and thirdly because we were able to access permissions from the owners of the original masters/copyrights. Additionally we don't know why someone would be dumb enough to actually cut music out of our podcast seeing as how a given item is usually of inferior sound quality and is not a full length song.

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