Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lullskull Ltd. Co-produces Music Video for NYC band At Sea

On January 16th and 17th, 2010 Lullskull Ltd. co-produced a music video for the song "Low Light" for NYC-based band At Sea. Lullskull Ltd. worked as the production arm during the video, and worked with executive producer (and lead singer) Jason Brody under his Soap Media banner. The video was directed by Kevin F. Tully, produced by Jason Hagen, associate produced/acted by Persiana Cota, shot by Alex Schwerin, with illustration work provided by Nathan Anderson.

Lullskull Ltd. and Soap Media collaborated with NYC production designer Mary Frederickson for all production design and art direction. Mary's attention to detail and period art direction gave the video its much needed production value, while allowing producers to work within a low budget. The theme of the video is a take on Cold-War hysteria and is shot in the vain of Atomic Cafe and A-bomb propaganda films.

During the 2-day shoot, Unrated NYC was on set capturing photos of the production. Here is a link to blog coverage of the shoot and production photos.

Thank you again to all involved and please look out for the music video to hit the web at the end of April. More information HERE

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