Sunday, February 05, 2006

Videocast #003

So here it is, a good look at what we've been working on. The updates have been long in coming, I know. Maybe you assumed we died (there have been many deaths but none of them physical). We've tried multiple times to sit down and actually record a show but it's been incredibly difficult for some reason. Nate will probably give you a few exuses, but believe me there are none.

As for me, I've been editing a friggin' movie man. I've passed up two opportunities to submit this thing to a festival (sorry Brian) and none of it is due to laziness. Seriously, my ass was out in the boonies yesterday collecting sound for this sucker. We have to be incredibly anal with the quality control. You understand. Anyway, I hope you can see where all the effort has been going when you watch this. This is our labor of love and if it doesn't come out good Nathan and I are going to hold hands and jump off a skyscraper together. - Seth

Also: Tell me if you have any technical problems with this download.

Video 003: "The Trailer"

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    TulipBaron said...

    I really enjoyed the evolution of this production, from long, sweaty days, many miles traveled, many feet of film shot, to hopefully many eyes viewing this trailer. Outstanding work!