Monday, January 09, 2006

Sick Samson overcomes Goliath Sized Flu Bug.

Howdy HEARMENOW listeners.

Episode 6 is completed and we are releasing it on the blog soon. It contains some of the best music (yeah, according to us) of 2005. Remember 2005? It is almost a month behind us now, stuck in the foggy gray matter of short term memory. However Episode 6 will refresh and perhaps revive your listening choices in the new year. Seth and I list our top five favorite albums of 2005. Albums still exist and we could only think of five, so eat em up. Episode 7 will continue the tender farewell to 2005. Listing our favorite Movies (Seth and I are still scrambling to see all the hard to avoid ones) We have been happily surprised by our movie watching of late.

Recently, I've survived the worst flu bug of my life. Shaking and aching my way into the new year. I almost died. Most people will ignore that statement, dismissing it as a simple overexageration. But I mean it, I almost died. Or experienced the preample of death symptoms. Terrible sweaty nights contempting the fragility of the human body.

Well anyway, Nathan here, giving you a little update into our world. I miss you all. 2006 will be flooded with new material: Our film will be completed, we have three new vidcasts in production and we will probally podcast really drunk sometime. That will be fun/strange for you all. Also I finally added my Favorite's list of podcasts. ( found directly to the right of these bloggings)

I included an image from our trip home for Christmas. More to come. It was very cold, yes.

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