Thursday, October 06, 2005

Podcast Explanation

Alot of people have been asking me "What the hell is a podcast?" So I thought i'd explain it here, so you know what to tell your friends.

Podcasts are radio shows that you can download and listen to whenever you want, and are the newest way to pick and choose audio content that is of interest to you. New technologies have made this process almost as easy as maintaining a blog. Using simple Podcatching utilities, like Apple's iTunes, users subscribe to shows they like, and automatically receive updates to that subscription whenever there is a new show available. You can listen to the shows on your desktop computer, or add them to your portable MP3 player, like an iPod. Over half of podcast listeners use an iPod, and that's where the word "Podcasting" derived from. Today you can find Podcasts for just about everything, from music and commentary to science and sports. There is no limit to the number of Podcasts you can download, and iTunes offers all of it's Podcasting content free of charge. Free of charge people!

I've found some very interesting content on the iTunes podcast directory. Seems there is something for everyone.

Also before I go, People have requested we repost the Vulcan Brother Image.

Here that is... HEAR ME!

Keep tuned.


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