Monday, October 17, 2005

003 Show Notes

Wow! Three episodes, we have made a trilogy of Hear Me Now Brother and I for one am proud.

In our on going news of the film we detail our bittersweet experiences with Alan Gordon Enterprises Inc. and really what a great deal we got buying a 16mm camera second hand. For filmmakers who hate insurance obstacles, that is really the way to go! Rather then bore you with all the technical problems (and triumphs!) I want to post our very first images of "Untitled Western" I have hand chosen three images that I feel will give you a glimmer of what is to come.

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If you have any questions about these images, refer to:

In addition to the Film News, Seth is still sick! As I write this, he is feeling better and to all his fans, he will be flying high in the next Podcast. Speaking of Podcasts, I have yet to publish my list of favorite Podcasts, I have been listening to alot of the Local L.A. podcasters and been pleasently surprised as to how honest and genuine they are. Which is surpising to find here in So Cal. Props to all you fellow Brothers!

This episode has an additional feature, Seth and I have a small breakdown, where we question everything for a moment and then regain strength with humor!

Where did all the good movies come from?

When did all these movies come out? In the last weeks there have a plethoria of good movies to see, which almost never happens. So needless to say we have alot of talk about. Seth and I recount the pros and overwheming cons of Flightplan Starring Jodie Foster and Peter Sarsgaard. We revel in the visual feast that is Mirrormask but then realize it slowly drags and drags and journeys (?) towards nothing at all. Neil Gaiman is still a very brilliant writer and Dave Mckean is one of the most important Graphic Artists of his age, but neither can save this dream nightmare. However here are links of interest : Neil Gaiman , Dave Mckean If you are unaware of their work, please take a look.

In addition we got preview passes for Tony Scott's Domino. Seth and I felt the film was rather short on wide angles (Where you can view the whole action of a scene from a healty distance) It seemed that everything was in closeup, producing a "tunnel vision" effect that is horrendous to watch. We both panned it frankly, but the lowbrow aesthetic appeals to something in me. I have enjoyed previous Tony Scott films and will most likely go out and see his next film. Regardless of how you view his work, he strives to make a spectacle and sometimes he hits gold (other times he hits pyrite). Keira Knightly is ever the strange duck but always very amusing to watch. Okay! We move on to Joss Whedon's Serenity. Seth and I both love the originality of this seemingly throwaway SciFi Flick.

A list of movies that we wanted to see these past few months.

Goodnight, and Good Luck
A History of Violence
Corpse Bride
Touching The Sound
Where The Truth Lies
Grizzly Man
Lord Of War
Oliver Twist
Everything is Illuminated

A BMW pulls off the 101 freeway and two drunken woman drop their pants to have a pee. It becomes a show in full view of Nathan who miraculously gets stuck in traffic at the only vantage point. Another reason to poke your eyes out with a number 4. pencil.

View the map. Avoid it!

Little Things That Kill

It's funny after the conception of this Top 9, we realized there are so many little things that kill. It is a furiously humourous part of life. Enjoy!

9. Having no dramatic finish for a joke that had potential.
8. Locking yourself out of your house /Apt.
7. Getting caught looking at a girl's ass /Or seen by boyfriend.
6. Biting your tounge/ Inside cheek.
5. Having a bad hair day/ Hair cut.
4. Pissing your pants/ Sharting in pants.
3. Something reminding you our your own death.
2. Secertly liking a hit song you shouldn't.
1. Getting a parking ticket.

Wrapping it up. Thanks for all the email people, keep it coming. We want your feedback, it will make the show better and more interactive for you guys! We are still excited to make more of these Podcasts and will be back next week with our HMNB Depeche Mode Special. Thanks for tuning.

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