Tuesday, September 13, 2005

001 Show Notes.

To the left here is the very first Image of The Brothers. I am in the foreground, while Seth takes up the rear. We are both extremely good looking. Otherwise we wouldn't have moved to Los Angeles, where the great unspoken question is "you ever heard of eugenics?". More to come guys, and if you want us in any positions, any costumes, we will do it. Comment.

HMNB001 Episode Guide with Visual Aids:

The 40 Year Old Virgin is accidently discussed at length in this episode. It has the best one sheet poster design to come out in awhile(possibly this year, if you discount the new poster for DOOM, which is shitty but appropriate).

Next up, General Zod, who has a following in Geekdom, I had no idea. He has an official website that offers "Kneel Before Zod!" bumper stickers along with other assorted merchandise,very fun. To the left is a mug shot of this awesome looking man.

- Hot links:
Link 1.
Link 2.

The √úbermensch gave up his Powers (and possibly his virginity) for...

.... holy shit what happened?!

- Review of Superman 2
80's Rewind Superman 2 Profile

Bill Murray, the bulldog of sad bastard actors.

In the first Episode, I recount my horrible Victimatron moment at the Sunset and Vine intersection in Hollywood. Where a stolen vehicle bust, turned ugly.

Here is the Map. Avoid it!

Things you Fear...

Plane Crash
Ball Cancer
Old Asian Women
4. Grizzly Bears
Restricted Phone Calls
Alien Abduction
Moray Eels
All the Clerks at the DMV
Oversized Kites

Send all inquiries to hearmenowbrother@yahoo.com.

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